WASHINGTON - Sailors who are serving beyond 16 years and meet service-commitment eligibility criteria now retain the option to transfer GI Bill benefits to dependents as outlined in NAVADMIN 006/20 announced Jan. 10.

This change is based on recently revised rules signed into effect in the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that removes the 16 years of service cap for transferability across all services.

Service members with over 16 years must still be able to commit to four more years of service on active duty or in the selected reserve to be able to transfer the benefits.

Members who will still be ineligible for the Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB):

- Enlisted members within four years of the high year tenure gate for their current pay grade.

- Officers within four years of the statutory limit for their current rank.

- Members in a limited duty status or undergoing medical or physical evaluation board processing and found not fit for duty.

All Sailors applying or reapplying for TEB who have not previously completed the online self-service Statement of Understanding must first complete it at the MyNavy Education website at https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil/webta/home.html#nbb.

Once members complete the Statement of Understanding, they will receive a link to go to MilConnect to submit their benefits transfer request.

For more information on Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits transfer procedures, read NAVADMIN 236/18, paragraphs 3-5.

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