GREAT LAKES, Ill. - To ease the transition for Sailors moving from enlisted to officer, Navy Personnel Command has established the Enlisted to Officer Pay and Personnel (EOPP) working group.

The process of transitioning a Sailor from enlisted to officer deals specifically with pay and personnel records. Many commands and service members may not be familiar with this process.

For an enlisted Sailor becoming an officer, the process starts through a discharge from their enlisted contract prior to commissioning as a naval officer. The EOPP working group, located in the Transaction Service Center (TSC) Great Lakes, Illinois, makes that happen.

“We do all strength gains into the Navy, so everyone who joins the enlisted or officer side,” said Cmdr. Steve Green, officer-in-charge, TSC Great Lakes. “We’re doing their initial paperwork whether that’s SGLI, GI Bill, state taxes, direct deposit, and all of your initial pay and entitlements.”

The mission of TSC Great Lakes, the home of Navy’s boot camp, ensuring Sailors have their pay, common access cards, and personnel records up-to-date before detaching from their commands. The EOPP process is directly tied to MyNavy HR’s Transformation, and is one of the ways NPC has taken the time to look more closely at the work we already do. Not only does this make the enlisted to officer process smoother, but more efficient which in turn provides a better service to the fleet.

The first round of Sailors were processed Oct. 1. The group consisted of 52 Sailors, 47 of those being processed through EOPP, using various methods the Navy offers to transition from enlisted to officer. The process affects those transitioning to Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) programs.

“We are also processing (Seaman to Admiral 21st century) STA-21 conversions, but we’re looking to add a few other programs sometime in the first half of 2021,” said Green. “We’re looking to take over the Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program and the Medical Service Corp In service Procurement Program.”

Sailors who have already made the transition but have not received the Oath of Office and accompanying commissioning guidance within 45 days of commissioning, should contact the EOPP working group. Additionally, Sailors planning to commission and Command Pay and Personnel Administrators (CPPA) who have questions regarding this process should send an email to

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