U.S. Coast Guard Band presents ‘Autumn Winds’

NEW LONDON, Conn. - On Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. EDT, from the Virtual Concert Hall via Livestream, the United States Coast Guard Band presents “Autumn Winds,” featuring Stravinsky’s “Octet” and soprano soloist MU1 Megan Weikleenget. Through the Virtual Concert Hall, the Coast Guard Band remains committed to representing the men and women of our service and highlighting the talents of our excellent musicians.

This lively selection of chamber music warms up with three marches by Czech composer Antonin Vranicky. Musician 1st Class Megan Weikleenget sings Vaughan Williams’s beautiful tune “Silent Noon,” arranged by Kenneth Megan. Finally, Stravinsky’s “Octet” for winds provides alluring textures and tonalities, while showcasing the performers’ individual and collective prowess.

Due to concerns regarding the spread of Coronavirus, the Coast Guard Band will not be performing for live audiences until further notice. In the meantime, please enjoy virtual performances via YouTube by searching “United States Coast Guard Band” and subscribing. The Virtual Concert Hall can be accessed through a Livestream link on our Facebook page, which is also active with updates and video performances from our talented musicians. For more information on the United States Coast Guard Band, visit www.uscg.mil/band, or “like” us on Facebook. We hope to “see” you there!

Concert Link: https://livestream.com/cga/nov-1-2020

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