GALES FERRY, Conn. – Yeoman 3rd Class Edgar Iniguez, assigned to Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London’s administrative department, was recognized as Service Person of the Month (SPOM) with a meal and ceremony, Sept. 19.

SPOM is a yearlong program run by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut (the Chamber) and the Lions Club to honor members of the Armed Forces in the Eastern Connecticut area for outstanding work both on and off duty.

A native of San Francisco, Iniguez works to keep records and documents in order, allowing SUBASE New London to run smoothly and more efficiently as Sailors report to, depart from, and receive awards, promotions or training while at the base.

“I wanted to provide a better future for my wife and son,” said Iniguez. “At the time I wanted to become a police officer and I needed more life experience, so I figured what better way to get experience than by joining the military? Needs of the Navy brought me to SUBASE New London. I got orders here, straight out of boot camp. For an undesignated Sailor, that was a great deal.”

Iniguez was honored with a meal and award ceremony at Gales Ferry Volunteer Fire Company where he was given the accolades of the Chamber and Ledyard Lions.

“Petty Officer Iniguez has proven himself as an instrumental facet of all command administration,” said Angie Clay, a representative of the Chamber. “As Port Operations Departmental Yeoman, he processed more than 20 awards, 75 pieces of correspondence, and 82 evaluations with 98% accuracy. During manning shortfalls, he was handpicked by the CMC to assist base admin and lead the charge in reviewing more than 120 base instructions for validity and updates. Through his “can-do” leadership style, coupled with his tenacious determination to get the job done right the first time, he clearly demonstrates the Navy’s highest military standard. With exemplary management skill and organizational foresight, he personifies command allegiance, military bearing, and a strong code of ethics.”

While he has generated the documents for other SPOM awardees in the past, Iniguez said he never expected to be nominated himself. He added that he enjoyed meeting the Lions Club members, as many of them were veterans.

“This award caught me off guard,” said Iniguez. “I knew what SPOM is, I’ve done the instruction… I just didn’t know it was me this month! It was cool because the Ledyard Lions had a lot of prior military. I think there were three Yeoman and a Personnel Specialist. It felt good to have people who previously did the same job as me there to say good job.”

Iniguez said he was grateful for the recognition and that he couldn’t be the Sailor he is today without his department teammates up and down the chain of command.

“I would like to thank my Admin team: Chief Davis, ET1 Cooper, YN2 Meyers and FT3 Oates,” said Iniguez. “Without them this wouldn’t be possible. Hooyah!”

SPOM is organized by the Chamber and Rotary and Lions Clubs to honor local military personnel of all branches who not only excel in their regular duties, but also go above and beyond through volunteer service to the community.

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