Notice about convalescent plasma and its needs for the DOD

WASHINGTON - The Department of Defense (DOD) has begun an effort to collect more than 8,000 donated units of plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to support the development of an effective treatment against the disease.

Donations will be accepted at 15 Armed Services Blood Program centers across the continental United States, and in Hawaii, Guam and Germany. Collected CCP will be available for treatment of COVID-positive patients in DOD treatment facilities who meet established criteria and in accordance with approved protocols. CPP may also be pre-positioned with Combatant Commands in the event of approval for prophylactic use. Only patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19 qualify to be a COVID-19 convalescent plasma donor.

For information on COVID-19 safety measures and eligibility to donate convalescent plasma (CCP), see our COVID-19 and Blood Donation page at Caution-

Please contact your closest ASBP Blood Donor Center for more information. Contact information can be found at Caution- Your regional ASBP Blood Donor Center can be reached by dialing (757) 953-1717 or 1730. Thank you for your support.

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