MILLINGTON, Tenn. - Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Fleet has shown some confusion regarding placing Sailors in a Restriction of Movement (ROM) status and how that affects leave.

According to NAVADMIN 295/20, personnel executing a Restriction of Movement (ROM) are considered to be in a duty status and ROM periods will not be charged as leave. Leave is the authorized absence of a Sailor from a place of duty, which is chargeable. Sailors who are on leave are considered to be in a non-duty status as they are away from their place of duty.

Command Pay/Personnel Administrators (CPPAs) should have seen Pay and Personnel Information Bulletin (PPIB) 20-34, released Nov. 4. This bulletin explains that ROM due to COVID-19 is a mandatory, official duty function performed by Sailors with their ROM location considered as the official duty location.

Sailors taking leave outside their designated permanent duty station area and directed to perform ROM upon their return from leave should not be charged leave for the ROM period.

Commanders must conduct a risk assessment for service members requesting leave or liberty outside the local area to ensure appropriate force health protection measures are in place. Commanders must also ensure sufficient command readiness and retain the authority to disapprove leave as appropriate.

Hardship Duty Pay-Restriction of Movement (HDP-ROM) is not authorized for Sailors in a leave status. However, a Sailor who is placed in ROM due to COVID-19 exposure during leave may receive HDP-ROM if all eligibility criteria are met.

Members incorrectly charged leave while performing directed or ordered ROM should work with their command to have that leave restored.

For more information, review NAVADMIN 295/20 at, or contact MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) at 1-833-330-6622, email -

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