WASHINGTON - The Navy announced the release of its official physical fitness assessment (PFA) mobile application, May 8.

The app offers a PFA calculator function allowing Sailors to calculate their anticipated physical readiness test (PRT) score by inputting age, gender, and anticipated scores in the curl-up, push-up, and specific cardio categories.

"This official Navy PFA app gives Sailors accurate information about their physical fitness assessment and the standards they need to achieve their physical fitness goals," said David Driegert, assistant program manager for the Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240)'s mobility program.

The app also has body composition assessment (BCA) information available to provide a quick reference for height-to-weight standards and maximum allowable body fat percentage.

"Nutrition resources such as menus, meal planning, and information on supplements are also available, as well as links to nutrition articles," Driegert said.

The app also includes demo videos for body composition, height and weight screening, and proper techniques for curl-ups and push-ups.

Sailors can find links to command fitness leader (CFL) administrative duties and responsibilities, and links to PFA NAVADMINS.

The free app was produced by the Navy's PMW 240 with support from software developer Tracen Technologies Inc., a company that specializes in integrated mobile and web solutions.

The PFA app and all official Navy mobile applications can be found in the Navy App Locker, www.applocker.navy.mil along with Morale, Welfare and Recreation, (MWR) apps for duty stations around the world.

For more information from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit www.navy.mil/local/cnp/, www.facebook.com/usnpeople, or www.twitter.com/usnpeople .