ARLINGTON, Va. - The Navy’s Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) reached a major milestone, April 15 by attaining an Authorization to Operate (ATO) in a development testing environment, which is a crucial first step in accomplishing the Navy’s objective to modernize and embrace cloud technologies, specifically in the Authoritative Data Environment (ADE).

What does ADE mean for Sailors? Ask any Sailor in the fleet about having to use multiple personnel computer systems and you will hear one common theme –personal data is not consistent from one system to the next. Simply put, Sailors don’t trust their data will be correct. It’s a concern senior leaders have heard, but it has not fallen on deaf ears.

The ability to test real Sailor data in a development testing environment will ensure the accuracy of the data prior to rolling it out to the fleet.

"We like to call ADE the ‘single source of truth’ because it will eliminate redundant information and provide accurate, timely data across all Navy systems," said Jeffrey Bowell, principal assistant program manager for the Navy’s Sea Warrior Program.

"While this is a major achievement for our program," Bowell said, "it’s even a bigger step forward in the Navy’s efforts to transform and consolidate its numerous systems and data warehouses into a single system of systems."

The Navy’s initiative to improve the human resources experiences of Sailors by modernizing its personnel systems within the Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPTE) enterprise is at the core of the advancements in ADE and the focus of MyNavy Portal (MNP). By allowing Sailors to use MNP as a single point of entry to handle all their personnel needs, Sailors can spend less time focused on administrative requirements and more time on their operational specialties.

The ATO is a crucial step in accomplishing the Navy’s objective to modernize and embrace Cloud technologies. With ADE as the backbone for MNP, and a source of accurate data across the MPT&E enterprise, Sailors can expect the future to be one where interacting with personnel systems is more reliable and accurate allowing them to focus on what matters most – their families and their careers.

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