WASHINGTON - Navy announced the renaming of the ship’s serviceman (SH) rating to retail services specialist (RS) in NAVADMIN 226/19, released Sept. 30.

The rating name change is in keeping with the Navy’s tradition of defining a Sailor’s occupation in contemporary terms in order to better illustrate the skills needed to perform their work.

“This new rating name, retail services specialist, translates more easily to the civilian sector, and better represents the professional expertise held by the members of the rating,” said Vice Adm. John Nowell, Chief of Naval Personnel.

The current rating badge, consisting of a crossed key and quill, will remain the same. Individuals currently serving in the SH rating will convert to the RS rating on Oct. 1, 2019.

The SH rating was established in 1943 and represented a merger of four previous specialty ratings, barber (SSMB), laundryman (SSML), cobbler (SSMC) and tailor (SSMT).

Sailor 2025 is the Navy’s program to improve and modernize personnel management and training systems to more effectively recruit, develop, manage, reward, and retain the force of tomorrow.

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