ARLINGTON, Va. - Are you a high school or college student interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and seeking career development? Do you know someone who fits this description?

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Department of the Navy’s (DoN) Naval STEM education and outreach program are offering two Navy and Marine Corps science and technology internships. The registration deadline is Nov. 30.

“Interesting, real-world internships are critical to the future success of an individual student, as well as the success of the Naval Research Enterprise,” said ONR program officer Dr. Reginald Williams, who leads the programs. “They are essential to ensure the next generation will play key roles in national security.”

High school students can sign up for the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP):

• SEAP is an eight-week high school apprenticeship opportunity with one of nearly 35 naval laboratories or warfare centers.

• Duration: Eight weeks

• Stipend amount: $3,500 new students; $4,000 returning students

• For more information:

Undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP):

• NREIP is a 10-week undergraduate and graduate research internship opportunity with one of nearly 45 naval laboratories or warfare centers.

• Duration: 10 weeks

• Stipend amount: $7,000 new undergraduate; $8,500 returning undergraduate; $11,000 graduate

• For more information:

Participating students will gain real-world, hands-on research experience and skills, while being introduced to the Navy and Marine Corps science and technology environment.

“We are excited ONR is able to provide a unique career-development opportunity, via virtual internships, during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Through these virtual internships, we are continuing to develop the next generation of naval STEM leaders,” said Williams.

Both internships reflect Naval STEM’s commitment to expanding learning opportunities for students, fostering greater diversity and inclusion, and strengthening partnerships between naval stakeholders.

An additional resource offered by Naval STEM is Naval Horizons—a video series designed to inspire college students by raising their awareness of real-world naval science and technology challenges. Learn more at

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