NORFOLK - Beginning this month, Naval Safety Center (NSC) subject matter experts are taking to the road to roll out the updated Navy Safety Program Manual, OPNAVINST 5100.23H.

Over the next three months, the Safety Road Show stops at 44 bases worldwide, allowing NSC’s experts the opportunity to highlight changes in the new instruction manual.

“The new instruction manual documents and assigns authority to improved safety business practices the Navy can employ to be safer on and off duty every day,” said Naval Safety Center Shore Safety Programs Director Jonathan Wilson. “We are excited to give naval safety professionals around the world hands-on briefings detailing how they can put this instruction to work.”

Among many changes, the revised OPNAVINST 5100.23H, approved in March and going into effect Oct. 1, details the revision of Base Operating Support services; the creation of a Naval Safety Program Management System; codifies how the Recreational Off-Duty Safety (RODS) program will follow a Safety Management System (SMS) concept; establishes “trip wires” to assist commands in reporting risk and hazard information up chains of command; and requires proactive, frequent communication across the Fleet to build awareness and drive safety actions.

In addition, the new instruction manual shifts naval safety to an agency focus and outlines how accountability, authority, responsibility and subject matter expertise will now be shared at the Echelon 2 level.

The road show, which begins June 18 at Naval Station Norfolk and ends Sept. 27 at Naval Station Rota, Spain, will give safety professionals details on changes, set expectations and give users an opportunity to ask questions to NSC experts.

“You hear it said a lot, but the road show really is a win-win for the Safety Center and the Navy safety team,” Wilson said. “Safety Center has the opportunity to flesh out the new instruction, and our safety teams have an opportunity to see how they can make their work centers safer.”

The road show will visit Naval Submarine Base New London July 18.

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