Myth vs. Fact Convalescent Blood Plasma

Myth: Convalescent blood plasma collection is the same as blood collection.

Fact: Convalescent blood plasma is a special sort of blood donation product, derived from the blood donation process, with specific purposes from specific donors. Convalescent plasma is collected from donors who have recovered from COVID-19.

When a person contracts COVID-19, their immune system creates antibodies to fight the virus. These antibodies are found in the plasma (the liquid part of the blood) which can then be transfused into a sick patient who is still fighting the virus, if that patient is a good candidate for a plasma transfusion. The procedure could help boost the immune system of the sick patient to help them recover.

Eligible patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may donate convalescent plasm at any of the 16 Armed Services Blood Program centers across the continental United States, and in Hawaii, Guam, and Germany. Find out more about the donation process and the full list of donations here:

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Special edition MHS Minute:

Your regional blood donor center in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is located at Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Center Portsmouth, 620 John Paul Jones Circle, Portsmouth, VA 23708. Contact numbers are: (757) 953-1717/1730/1686.

The website for the Armed Services Blood Program is

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