GROTON, Conn. - We are here to talk about awareness of preventable health problems, early detection and treatment of things impacting males.

Let’s start with risks to your health that you can do something about.

Using tobacco and overuse of alcohol (more than 2 drinks a day) are two big risk factors you have control to remove from your life. This may take some work if you are already partaking, but will be well worth your effort for a better chance of a longer/better quality of health for the rest of your life.

Under 35 years old:

- Injuries: For males under 35 injuries are responsible for 80 percent of all deaths in this age group. Forty-four percent of these deaths are alcohol related.

Take Control: Wear protective gear and observe safety when operating any equipment (read directions). Wear your seat belt/helmet and do not drink or use mind altering medication/drugs or sleep deprived.

- Homicide: Again, alcohol is a factor in about 68 percent of all manslaughter cases, 62 percent of assaults that result in death and 54 percent of murders and attempted murders.

Take Control: If your temper is a problem get help to learn how to manage/redirect your anger. There are healthy ways to control stress and anger.

-Suicide: An important risk factor here is depression. If you have signs/symptoms of depression such as feelings of sadness, unhappiness or loss of interest in activities you used to like, consult your doctor, treatment is available.

Take Control: See your doctor to get a referral for treatment for depression. If alcohol is a factor there is help available. If you are active duty contact your DAPA. There are many AA groups in the area - go to one of them. Be aware of yourself and others-you can have a better self-life. Don’t isolate yourself, join a men’s group, church, or volunteer (yellow,

-HIV: HIV infection only accounts for 1.4 percent of the total deaths a year in the United States, but is 4th in cause of death for males under 30.

Take Control: Know your partner, be monogamous, practice safer sex and remember, male or female-you have a right to say NO.

Over 35 years old:

#1 Heart Disease, # 2 Cancer, # 3 Accidents, # 4 Stroke # 5 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and #6 Diabetes are the leading causes of death in this age group.

Take Control:

- Stop using tobacco/nicotine products. No matter how nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco get into your system they damage the heart and arteries and contribute to development to many other life threating cancers and chronic diseases. NBHC Groton does have an ‘over the counter’ program for you to get nicotine replacement therapy and Health Promotions has people trained to assist you in quitting.

- Lower the amount of fat, sugar and salt you eat for a healthier heart and arteries and lower your chances of colorectal and prostate cancer. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

-Exercise, get moving it will benefit all your body systems and is a great stress reducer.

Don’t avoid the doctor, be pro-active and get preventive health care. Remember, you are charged with maintaining your health, we are here to support and guide you on that journey if you need us.

As they say, if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Connecticut Media Group