GROTON, Conn. – The Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London First Class Petty Officers Association (FCPOA) recently teamed up with the base 1st Lieutenant Department to clean-up the base’s Alpha Lot.

The Alpha Lot, a large paved lot opposite the base’s wetlands and Weapons Compound, is managed by the 1st Lieutenant Department. The lot serves as a storage area for spare or infrequently used equipment from harbor patrol boats and trailers to portable security towers and light stands. In addition, sometimes among the pre-made sandbags and approved storage of military construction project materials, other items such as wooden pallets and old base signs mysteriously find their way there.

“The Alpha Lot has seen the increased appearance of some unwanted and unloved materials besides some of the completely appropriate materials that should be out there,” said SUBASE Executive Officer Commander Reg Preston. “During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, routine clean-up operations onboard the base were suspended to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Now, the need for regular clean-up operations, such as at the Alpha Lot, has resumed.”

Stepping forward to assist in clean-up operations has been the base FCPOA.

“The first classes and chiefs are coming together to make the base better,” said Culinary Specialist (Submarine) 1st Class Aldwyn Parchment. “COVID left a lot of things neglected, so we’re getting back to normal. We’re pulling weeds and organizing things around here. We started on lower base; now we’re up here at the Alpha Lot.”

During the clean-up, Chief Engineman Bradley Bruns, leading chief petty officer for the 1st Lieutenant Department, operated a bulldozer to move piles of sand and clear rubble. As Bruns operated the bulldozer, Parchment and other FCPOA members stacked wooden pallets, removed weeds, and organized pre-made sandbags for easier retrieval should they be needed for an emergency.

“If you can do it, get it done,” said Parchment. “I say: ‘Don’t live with deficiencies you can fix.’”

The combined team effort more than met the mark concluded Preston.

“The First Class Petty Officer Association and 1st Lieutenant Department showed great leadership and teamwork,” said Preston. “Their diligent work not only made a difference in beautification but also helped in the base’s support of the Navy Material Accountability Campaign.”

Parchment looks forward to the next FCPOA opportunity.

“We’re happy to continue to do our part to keep SUBASE the ‘First and Finest!’”

Connecticut Media Group