FORT LEE, Va. – Commissaries worldwide are offering extra savings on plant-based meat options for burgers and sausages just in time for the July Fourth holidays.

Savings on Beyond Meat options come at a time where the availability of fresh/frozen meat for the

traditional July 4th cookout will differ from location to location based on existing supply chain challenges, said Tracie Russ, the Defense Commissary Agency’s director of sales.

“This year we are in a unique situation with the impact of COVID-19 on our regular supply of fresh and frozen meat,” Russ said. “To augment our normal meat inventory, we are offering extra savings on our Beyond Meat burgers and sausages, and these items are certain to be a great addition to our customers’ shopping experience.”

Commissary customers worldwide can expect to see the extra savings on the following plant-based meat products. Prices and availability may differ based on location:

• July 1-15 – Beyond Burger plant-based patties are on sale. These Beyond Meat

products look, cook, taste like ground beef, contain 20g of plant-based protein and

have no soy, gluten or GMOs

• July 1-15 – Beyond Sausage plant-based sausage links (Brat Original, Hot Italian

and Sweet Italian) are on sale. These Beyond Meat products have no soy, gluten,

GMOs, cholesterol or animal fat.

• Available now for a limited time only – 10-pack of Beyond Meat Hamburger

frozen patties. These Beyond Meat products are 100 percent plant protein, no GMOs,

soy or gluten

Depending on availability, customers can also get some of the freshest cuts on some of

the commissary’s most popular items for barbecuing such as ground beef and hamburger patties,

steaks (T-bones, rib eyes, sirloin), baby back and spareribs and brisket, said Darrell Clary,

DeCA’s category manager for meat.

“Your commissary is still the best place to shop for the fresh and frozen meat products

you’ll need for that holiday cookout,” Clary said. “Now, you can also add our plant-based

products to the list. These items are certain to be a great part of your shopping experience.”

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