All hands on deck for SUBASE EMS audit

GROTON, Conn. – Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) encourages all military and civilian personnel to prepare for the Environmental Management System (EMS) audit from 19-23 Aug.

The audit is a comprehensive evaluation of SUBASE’s EMS and Environmental Compliance program and will be conducted by the NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Environmental Business Line on behalf of Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC).

“EMS is a structure for continuous improvement,” said Tracey McKenzie, SUBASE EMS coordinator. “Through a set of management processes and procedures, our EMS enables us to continuously improve the environmental conditions and procedures here on SUBASE.”

As part of the base EMS, the Environmental Division conducts regular inspections of sites and processes to assess compliance with Federal, State and Navy requirements.

“Since officially conforming EMS in 2009, the combined results of internal inspections, sampling, and spills (our ‘findings’) have decreased despite the increase in inspections,” said Michael Brown, SUBASE Environmental Division Director. “This is an example of the continuous improvement of the base environmental program resulting from EMS.“

According to Brown, anyone working on-board SUBASE (civilian, military, and contractor) may be asked if they are aware of EMS and their responsibilities in it.

“Although it is managed by the Environmental Division, EMS belongs to SUBASE; therefore, everyone has a role in it,” said Brown. “Everyone needs to be aware of the environmental requirements pertinent to their job. For example, if you’re working on the pier and you’re transferring bilge water from the boat to the tanker, you need to know there is a potential for spills, how to prevent spills, and the actions to take in the event of a spill.”

A SUBASE EMS Check-List has been created to assist personnel in understanding and supporting the base Environmental Management System, and Brown urges everyone to be aware of the base Commanding Officers Policy Statement, signed 30 July 2019.

“SUBASE has shown tremendous environmental improvements in the recent years, and I am confident that with every one’s help, we can continue to strive for an even more environmentally sound base,” said Brown.

Those interested in learning more about the upcoming audit, or have questions concerning environmental policy and procedure on SUBASE, can contact Tracey McKenzie at 860-694-5649 or Michael Brown at 860-694-3976.

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The Naval Submarine Base New London Environmental Management System is an All Hands program. Help EMS succeed through the following action steps:

1. Know SUBASE’s EMS Policy goals:

Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements

Minimize adverse environmental impact

Practice conservation through recycling initiatives and recycled material purchasing

Employ waste source reduction, sustainability and energy conservation practices

Continuously improve environmental performance

2. Complete Navy-required EMS awareness training.

NAVFAC’s ECATTS training site - or via your internal Command/Department Training program.

3. Be aware of the environmental requirements that are pertinent to your job and operate in an environmentally sound manner.

4. Know and follow established environmental program SOPs that are pertinent to your job.

5. Know the current base Significant Aspects (reviewed and changed annually):

-Hazardous Waste Storage

-Wastewater Discharge - Industrial

6. Contact Regional Dispatch at x3333 for all spills.

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